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    Difficulty sending videos to Iphone.
    So I am trying to put some converted video files into my iphone. I am using an Iphone 3GS with the 5.0 software. I am also using the newest version of times.

    The files have been converted into MPEG4 and are using the H264 ACC codec. The file size can dimensions are in 640x480 but I have also tried smaller video dimensions. Bitrate: 744 kbps frame rate: 29 fps

    I can get the videos into itunes. I can even play them in itunes but upon synching my phone with itunes and/or dragging the video files directly onto the listing for my phone on the left side bar, the video files will simply not go into my phone.

    Does anybody have a suggestion how I can make this work?


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    I use a video converter that has a preset for Apple TV or iPad. I find that this size works with iPhone as well as iPad and Apple TV so I just set it for that and forget it.

    There are MANY third-party video converters that will do this for you, ranging from free to $10 or so. Evom, iFFmpeg, iSquint, iVideo Converter, Permute, VisualHub, Miro Video Converter, PunyVid, Adapter and many others as examples.

    If you're looking for something to experiment with, try the free Miro Video Converter to experiment with. Drag in a short video, do the conversion to your target device, then add it to iTunes and see if it will sync with your iPhone. If it does, then the problem was that you didn't have all the specs right (probably bitrate or frame rate, iTunes needs very specific requirements).

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