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    Exclamation Image Capture not working with iPhone 4S
    Whenever I connect my iPhone 4S to my Macbook (OS 10.5.8), Image Capture pops up. But it quits unexpectedly even if I only just change the Download To folder.

    I managed to download photos from my phone to my computer the first time. Ever since then it hasn't been working.

    iTunes works just fine, I can sync applications. So it's not the USB cable.

    I've tried rebooting the phone and I also made sure to unlock the phone before plugging it into my computer. I tried quitting Image Capture Extension before plugging the phone back in. It doesn't solve the problem, please help.

    Process: Image Capture [482]
    Path: /Applications/Image Capture
    Version: 4.0 (376)
    Build Info: ImageCapture-4000102~1
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [69]

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    I too am having this problem and can't find anyone else who knows anything about it....

    does someone out there know how to help me?!?!

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    In sewfee's case, I'd suggest using OnyX to reset the launch services database. In fact, under "Automation" I would check all boxes except web history and let it run (and restart the machine).

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    Hello and thanks for your help! I did what you suggested, even fixed disk permissions and cleared caches but it didn't work. And I did it twice. But this time, I can change the Download To folder without any problem even though Image Capture quit after that.

    I also made sure I wasn't running any applications besides Image Capture but it still crashes once I select the correct Download To folder and click Open.

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    Try this: located Image Capture's preferences file (should be in your User Library somewhere) and delete it.

    jkd: If you're on Lion and can't see your home folder's Library file, use the Go command in Finder to go to it (it's invisible but its still there).

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    The file is not there! Why? I'm on Leopard by the way.

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