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    Calendar questions..
    I was wondering what the "availability" field on a calendar event means. The options are busy or free. This leads to my next issue which is the fact that even though I set calendar events to alert me at the time of the event, it only does so sporadically. I'm not sure if this is a result of a certain field within the event, etc. any help is appreciated.

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    In general, this sort of field is used for evaluating meeting times. An example of that would be that I'm trying to schedule a meeting of 10 people, so I can view their availability within the corporate calendar server to see when they're 'free'. I don't find any value without a central calendar server though.

    For your second question, is there any similarity when the notifications work (or don't)?
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    No specific pattern that I've noticed... Seems to only alert me occasionally.

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