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Thread: Saving Mail Attachments To My iPhone 4s

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    Lightbulb Saving E-Mail Attachments To My iPhone 4s
    First time posting so I would appreciate your patience here.

    I just got an iPhone 4s and I’m getting familiar with it…

    My question/problem:

    Whenever there is motion-movement at my front door my IP camera will send me e-mail alerts with a 5 sec MP4 video attachment. I would like to download/save that video attachment onto my iPhone 4s either in some newly created file (that I can or could create) or on my “Video” folder. I would like to be able to save that one particular video and then erase that e-mail completely.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions

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    Mar 07, 2010
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    No Luck
    Having more time to do research it appears that e-mail attachments can’t be saved on to my iPhone 4s. There are some application on the App Store that claim to have this function at an average $5 cost with a 2-3 star average rating and yet many review state the application is not stable and slowing/freezing iPhones. I was so use to doing that on my EVO 4G that I assumed Apple iPhones had this covered as well. Should anyone find workaround solution without Jail Breaking the iPhone I would real like to hear from you. Thank you

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