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Thread: Help!!! transferring I-phone songs etc to new Mac???

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    Help!!! transferring I-phone songs etc to new Mac???
    Just got a new mac and can not figure out how to transfer everything, songs, apps etc over to the new mac from my old PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Big Al

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    Apps will be available for re-downloading as soon as you update your iTunes with your iTunes account information.

    As for songs, there are a lot of ways to transfer them, but simply putting them on a thumb drive and copying them over to your Mac and then re-importing them should do it. Don't forget to "authorize" your new Mac and "de-authorize" your old PC.

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    Thanks, I will give that a try. Any other suggestions??

    Big Al

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    Get a (free) account. Doing so *automatically* backs up your iTunes purchases (music and apps and books I think, but sadly not movies or TV shows) to the cloud and they can be re-downloaded freely.

    iTunes Match goes even further with the idea, but that's a $25/year add-on.

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    iCloud works quite well. All five of my devices are in perfect synch.

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    Does iCloud download all of your songs from your i-phone, even the ones that you may have added from a CD?

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    As stated before, iCloud automatically makes a copy of all your musical *iTunes purchases* available to your other devices.

    iTunes Match, on the other hand, makes your entire *iTunes library,* including songs from CDs et al, available to all your devices (via some kind of internet connection obviously). iTunes Match costs $25/year and has a limit of 25,000 non-iTunes-purchased songs (iTunes purchases don't count against that limit, iow).

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