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    Is it possible to change my iPhone personal hotspot network name?
    I have an iPhone 4 with the personal hotspot. The default name of this hotspot is "<My full first and last name>'s iPhone."

    This hotspot is password protected, but regardless, since the above name is broadcasted to everyone with a laptop in the surrounding area, it would be great if I could change the name to something a bit more discreet. But there doesn't seem to be any way to do this on the iPhone itself. I've looked through all the settings.

    Does anyone know how to do this? I mean if I buy a router from Cisco, I can name my hotspot anything I want, but the extra $30/month to Apple/Verizon for the personal hotspot doesn't allow me to change the name?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Go to your General Settings, click About, and change the name of your phone. That changed mine.
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    Thanks, Munky, but my phone doesn't seem to let me change that way. You have an iPhone 4?

    When I go to Settings > General> About there is nothing to edit, just a list of statistics about my hardware/software/usage/etc.

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    Let's backtrack just a bit: you say you're on an iPhone 4, but you don't say what provider you're with. That could make a difference.

    On my iPhone 4, there's a setting in settings (third one down, just under Wi-Fi) called "Personal Hotspot." Do you have that?

    But in addition to that, on my iPhone 4 when I go to "General" under Settings, clicking on "General" goes to a page where the first item is "About." Tapping that gives me a top item of "Name," and tapping that lets me change the name. Does this not work for you?

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    perhaps this will help, you connect your iphone to your mac and open itunes, look for your iphones connection, area where you click to disconnect your iphone and then click the name of your iphone and type ypur desired name i did this to my iphone 4S, i was able to change the default name of the iphone to my desired name...

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    Thanks, ayeng, that worked.

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