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    iphone 3g sim swop to iphone 4s ?
    Hi, just got a new iphone 4s for xmas, at the apple store. i think the sim swop has not worked yet, was told 24hrs :-( however not sure it will now

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    Is there a question in there?

    The iPhone 3G used a full-sized SIM, and the iPhone 4 and 4S use a micro-SIM so no, you can't "swap" them physically. Your provider should be able to copy the info on the one to the other, or you can physically cut down the SIM into a micro-SIM (CAUTION: you may destroy the SIM if you're not careful!) yourself.

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    If you're good with scissors, cutting a SIM down is really very easy. Good a good sharp pair. The guts of the SIM are in the gold terminals in the middle. The plastics around the outside is just that--plastic. Trim the plastic off all sides evenly so it fits in the SIM tray. If it fits in the tray with the gold terminals in the middle, it will work perfect.

    There are a ton of guides online. sim cutting - Google Search

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    Nooo, not a physical sim swap ! ;-P Used the O2 website when at the apple store, the guy said it would take up to 24 hrs to swap the info from one to the other. However he also mentioned that the phone number of the new sim would be replaced but also forgotten :-( The old iPhone 3g I have is still active so I guess the info has not been swapped to the new sim !?

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