I have a major problem with my iPhone that I can't seem to figure out why and what made it that way. I can't undo or anything as the whole screen is as black as midnight. I search for how-to's and solution but as far as I know, I tried almost everything & I think I did it right!!... to no avail.

I was surprised that I didn't hear any notification sounds from my Whats app and Facebook, I always do most of the time. But just today, nothing.. as if it was on silent, yet even when it is, it would still vibrates. This time, it didn't. I tried to check the silent button and it's not in silent. I tried to volume up but it says it was at is maximum and there, also states "Headphones". When in fact, I am not even using one. So, I tried cleaning off the headphone area with an ear bud but yet nothing and the phone was still working except silent ofcourse.

I left the phone for a few minutes and when I came back, the screen was all black. When I left, the battery was 30% so it's not possible that it's the battery that is the problem here. Still, I tried charging it but it the apple logo won't appear or the charging logo, Nothing. I tried the home/sleep button for 10 seconds, still... even tried until a minute, still nothing. Even connecting it to iTunes, still nothing.

I tried calling my number using my brother's phone, it is ringing but it won't appear on my phone, it wouldn't vibrate or flick or anything.

I am completely worried, I am overseas and I don't know how am I going to contact my friends and my pictures that I cherish the most are all in there. I lost hope in fixing and I'm thinking of bringing my phone to the nearest apple store but I know they do not speak my language and it's going to be a hard one for me to explain to them.

Please just tell me anything that I can do to bring my phone back to life. I really need it.

Regards; Maria.