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    need iphone help, 2 phones 1 apple id 1 computer
    alright so just a few questions for you guys...

    im on a verizon family plan with my mom, and i gave my girlfriend of 7 years my upgrade (seeing as i already have a black 4s) so she could get her white 4s.

    she works in a verizon wireless store.

    but heres the problem: her boss said that the phone has to stay active on my line for a month before it can be switched off my line (dont ask why) so im going to use it for the month and give it to her after the month is up and switch back to my black iphone.

    so she deactivated my black 4s, we backed up black 4s, plugged her new white 4s into itunes and restored it from backup so essentially its the same phone as i had before, except now its white.

    now after the month is up, shes going to take it off my line, and i need to put my black one back on my line, which is fine

    but we are going to share this computer, and have both phones (on different lines) connected to my itunes, under the same apple id account (mine) so we can share my paid apps. we will also share my music.

    so i guess im asking, when the month is up and i switch the white iphone off my line, and go back to my black 4s, how do i go about setting up all this in itunes? do i need to set her phone up as a new phone, then restore my black one from the new backup, then she can have hers fresh (but with my music)?

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