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    Red face what is going on with iTunes?!?!
    I dont understand, I choose manual manage of files on the summary menu. I apply. Then i go to music to Sync new music files. It feels it needs to erase every **** thing on the phone and re-update. This is so annoying! all i want to do is update the list, not erase every friggin thing so i have to reload it? why why why why.. Then when i go back to summary, the manual icon is unchecked once again??

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    I don't use manually manage files but I do select under music > sync music (box checked ) select playlists,artists,albums and games then look at both columns and check all that apply sync once and its been fine for over a year.

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    I have all my tracks organized by albums in the playlists. Everytime i sync not only does everything erase and reload. But i have transfers that automatically transfer to iTunes. For instance i have iTunes purchases I've made in the past that i ended up getting a hold of the cd at one point and transferred it to iTunes. So , it transfers all these tracks back to iTunes. The problem is i already have these tracks on iTunes from cd's. So i got to back track and search through iTunes for an hour to get all these double tracks out. The point is i go to the music tab and see 6000 songs. I add up my playlists and get 6000 songs. after a sync my music tab will show 6017 songs. Why is its transferring ?

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