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Thread: 4s Camera Lost

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    Apr 07, 2011
    4s Camera Lost
    I went use the camera tonight to find the camera icon has gone missing.

    I reset back to defaults but still missing.

    Any ideas on how to get it back or why it went wherever it went?

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    Nov 08, 2010
    Try restarting the phone if it is still not there go in settings under general see if camera is off or on, you want it to be on.

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    I would add to the above good advice, to do a hard reset if still having problems (press and hold the Home and Sleep/Power buttons until the Apple icon appears). If that doesn't work look like you need to contact Apple or the wireless provider you got your iPhone from.
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    Apr 07, 2011
    Thanks rabbitjetta, now I remember turning it off, cant remember why.

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