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Thread: iPhone 4s Cases

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    Nov 16, 2010
    iPhone 4s Cases
    Hello all.

    I am writing to request personal opinions and recommendations for iPhone 4s cases. i currently have a case mate pink monster thing, and it is totally useless.

    So i am on the lookout for a new, better fitting, snap on, plastic case. no silicon or other.

    One i have seen is the Lego Brick case by small works Lego Brick Case.

    so please post your preferences. experiences etc. especially if you've encountered small works before.



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    Nov 08, 2010
    Either the lifeproof case or the Otterbox defender series. I love my lifeproof more then the Otterbox.

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    I don't think anyone can tell you what case you'll prefer. It really depends on how you carry your device.

    I've been through three of them so far, and I've only had my iPhone 4 since February - trying to strike the right balance of comfort and functionality is certainly not easy.

    Of the 4 I've had so far, the ones that have held up the best were the Seidio:

    ...and the iFrogz Luxe Lean...

    The Seidio lasted a good long time, but eventually the clasp at the back of the phone wore down and would no longer keep the case clipped together.

    The iFrogz case was OK, but I always felt a little antsy about dropping the phone as it didn't rigidly hold on at the corners. I was worried that if the phone were dropped the right way, it could end up cracking the screen.

    So, I just recently bought the standard iFrogz Luxe case: iFrogz Luxe Original Case for iPhone 4 (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

    I like this one because it's very similar to the Seidio, but it has a very hearty clasp at the back of the phone - the chances of it failing like the Seidio are slim to none.
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    I bought a simple leather case that you slip the iphone in. I wanted something that would be comfortable in my jeans and also protect the phone. I hate those bulky cases. Of course I realize if I drop the phone while I am using it the protection is not there.

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    Well first , make sure it's an only iPhone 4s case because an I phone 4 case would first restrict you cameras ability and second Ye silent/vibrate button I lower on the 4s than on the 4

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