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    'problems with MobileMe/iCloud'
    Hey Guys!

    I want to track other iPhones that are using ios5. With the old software, I was able to log in as me on the "Mobile Me" in mail settings. and then i would log in on the comp, and see like 5 or 6 iphones I was loged into - my sister, mum , friends etc. But now when trying to do it on people who have i0s5 there is no "Mobile Me" option. and when I try to log in as an "iCloud" account, it says that im already synced with anoter account
    any ideas!
    do you understand it!?

    Cheers in Advance!

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    It very much depends how you have setup the devices.

    Here's how I did it:
    Each person's device has it's own iCloud AppleID. This way they each get thier own chunk of iCloud strorage.
    We all share apps etc so for purchasing we all use a communal AppleID.

    Using this setup each device uses the iCloud ID for Find My iPhone and Find Friends. I use the latter on my iPad/iPhone and to 'see' all iOS devices. You need to exchange and accept 'friend' requests first but once that's done it's seemless.

    Hope that helps

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