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    When I mark an email as read on my iPhone, it's unread on my macbook, and vice versa.
    I don't like having to mark each email as read twice. It does this for my comcast and hotmail accounts, but not on my gmail account, so I'm thinking it might be a POP vs IMAP issue? Just not sure how to fix it.


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    If you are using POP, then this is expected behavior. You will only get the "sync" if you use IMAP..

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    I don't think hotmail has free IMAP support. Hence this is normal. Pop downloads emails and only deletes from your server if you set this. IMAP would synchronize back to the server so all of your devices are on the same page.

    If you'd like IMAP I suggest getting something like a gmail account. You can then 'tell' gmail to retrieve your hotmail emails and can even send them in a way that it looks like they come from your hotmail account. Pretty seamless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
    If you are using POP, then this is expected behavior. You will only get the "sync" if you use IMAP..
    So there's no way around this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtPepper14 View Post
    So there's no way around this?
    No, POP doesn't have any support for that kind of functionality.

    The simplest thing you could do would be to just ditch Hotmail and move over to Gmail, which has free IMAP support.

    This would be a good move anyway as Hotmail has long been the domain of spammers and is filtered by many mail services.
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    The "way around" is to get a free GMail account. GMail also has free IMAP.

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