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    Hard shell iPhone case disturbs screen protector. Need advice.
    I searched the forums prior to posting however I didn't find any discussion specific to this subject. I need help with the following:

    I recently bought a hard shell iPhone 4s case. It covers the back and the sides of the iPhone. The front of the iPhone has a screen protector on it. The problem is that the edges of the screen protector touch the hard shell case and this causes the edges of the screen protector to have bubbles because the body of the hard shell case is nudging against the screen protector at the corner edges.

    I am now looking for a screen protector that is pre-cut all around so that it does not nudge against the hardshell case and will not create bubbles. Does anybody know of any good screen protectors that will serve this purpose?


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    That may depend on your case, but the screen protectors from Zagg usually work well.

    iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 Screen Protector & Cover | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

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