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    Question Siri not working
    When I try using Siri or dictate something into the iPhone 4s, either nothing happens or Siri informs me that she "can not help me right now and she's very sorry." I called Apple express lane and they informed me that they "heard" that the Siri satellite was down a few days ago, but they do not know if it's up or when it will be up. Does anyone know anything baout this or is anyone experincing similar problems with the iPhone 4s. I've had it for less than a month and rebooted phone, turned Siri and and off, as well as sync my phone. Nothing

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    Siri occasionally experiences service outages. I would think that network issues or congestion on your ISP could cause this also.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Yep, also remember that Siri is a beta product. So we can expect the random issues from time to time.
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    Siri does go down. It cant do many things, like open an app. It can interact with some apps, like your phone, FaceTime music and google. You can say things like "call Jane". It might get the right name. Also play X (name of a song) or "set my alarm to 7am". It was down yesterday for a bit. I thought I broke it. Sometimes you get "I can't do that"' which means you asked the question wrong or asked it to do something it can't do.

    Check Apple Support for Siri suppory and see the video. It gives examples of things it can respond to. It is fun.

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