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    iPhone sync issue

    I am a recenet convert to Macs and am the proud owner of a new MBA i7 11" which I love. I also have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Currently this is synced to iTunes on my Vista PC desktop. This was initially by USB but since iOS 5 it now syncs wirelessly. When I got the MBA I thought I would sync my phone to it instead so conected by USB (before iOS5 release) and this caused a near disaster wiping out some apps and spreading the rest over many pages (the folders dissapeared)! I was told at the Apple store that you shouldnt try to sync the phone with more than 1 PC/MB but I cant see why.
    I really want to move away from the PC so can any one advise why the sync with my MBA seemed not to work. I am backing my iphone up to the cloud now and this is keeping my ical and contacts the same on both MBA and the iphone.

    Hope that this makes sense!

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