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Thread: Iphone 3GS home button problems

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    Nov 27, 2011
    Iphone 3GS home button problems
    Ok so i have a weird situation i have a 3GS that the home button wont work on. I was thinking that it was a software issue because the phone was locking up and stuff. so i got it upgraded from 4.3 to 5.0.1 and still no go so i checked the connection and it was fine. I even went thru the extent to replace the hole screen assembly out of another phone that i know it worked on and it still wont work. any ideas???

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    Nov 27, 2011
    it will sometimes work for how ever long it wants but it is very intermediate and it will sit there and show voice control over and over again or switch between the home screen and the search screen with ought me even touching it it is like the home button is freaking out and like i said i have replaced the home button and even tried putting the original one back in still dose the same thing and i have restored it and upgraded trying to fix this

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    Well I doubt replacing the screen would have had any impact on the home button's functionality. It may be a mechanical issue interfering with the button's ability to make contact when pressed in, or perhaps a short, poor solder, or loose wire on the circuit board. In any event, since you have tried upgrading and restoring the software, it's almost certain the problem is not the software. You need to have it serviced. iResQ does a mail-in service and will do an analysis for free. Below are quotes for typical repair jobs, including one specifically for the home button:
    Phone 3GS Service | Screen, Battery Replacement | Headphone Jack Repair

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    Well the reason the screen would of helped is because it has a totally different home button in it so I have tried a home button out of another phone and still no luck I have even tried changing the hole board that the home button connects to the one that has wire connector 4 attaching to the motherboard and still did not help and just to be clear the prongs on the home button is making good contact

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