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Thread: Iphone volume randomly goes quiet then goes back to normal

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    Nov 24, 2011
    Iphone volume randomly goes quiet then goes back to normal
    I have recently upgraded from an Iphone 3s 32GB to 4s 64GB and I have noticed something strange. When I am listening to music the sound suddenly reduces significantly and then a second later goes back to normal.
    I did not notice this on my 3s although I had the latest software so this seems to be characteristic of my 4s.
    I am well aware of the change of volume preceding a phone call or alert. This change in volume appears to have no reason. I go and check for calls and text messages or alerts and there are non.
    Also someone reported an issue similar to this in 2007 with connection to car stereo relating to speed. Doesn't seem to relate to my issue as I am not going at speed and definitely not in a car!
    I am sitting with my headphones on at my desk and this volume change has happened about 3 or 4 times in the last hour. The volume change also seems to happen when I have my phone plugged into the auxiliary jack on my stereo, I don't listen to music on my Iphone without headphones or aux to stereo so don't know if this relates to the headphone socket output only.
    Anybody else experienced this problem??
    Not a major hinderance but it is a bit disconcerting and would like to stop it happening.

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    Same thing is happening with my iPhone. I tried to bring it in and have them look at it at the apple store but they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    Then when it started to happen I drove there immediately and scheduled an appointment as I was in the car. Then the stupid phone started to work again. >_<"

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