I had a Vaja case with my 3G and it was awesome. The phone slipped in and out easily so I could use my car dock and it came with an absolutely brilliant belt clip (I hate carrying phones in a pocket).

So when my Otterbox Defender case started to fall apart (not happy about that by the way) I decided to take another look at Vaja for my iPhone 4. Seems that Vaja has decided to restrict their belt clip to the Ivolution Stripes which provides a flip cover to protect the phone but is terribly gaudy and expensive ($120) and the Ivolution Grip which is cheaper ($70) but provides no protection to the side of the phone away from the hip.

Since I'm not yet ready to drop $120 on a case (or $70 on one that leaves one glass side exposed), I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative. Following are my requirements:

1) Need to be able to remove phone entirely from case easily
2) Belt clip
3) Protect both sides of phone