So, here's a wacky situation...

My wife has a small part of her iTunes collection on her iPhone 4, using iOS 5.0.1.

Now, I need to explain a few things...there are some songs on her computer that come from two different albums (actually the same album but two different versions), and on her iPhone, for organizational purposes, she wants these songs to appear as the same album.

So, what she did was copy those songs over to her iPhone. Then, she edited the information on those songs so that they'd all appear as part of the same album. When she highlights her iPhone in iTunes, it shows that the songs properly appear as being part of the same album, but on the actual phone itself, the songs are still listed as two separate albums.

Any thoughts?? Why would iTunes tell her that the songs on her phone are listed as one thing, but the phone itself reflects another? Same thing happens if I connect her phone to my Mac, with the latest iTunes and Lion, OS X 10.7.2. My computer also shows that they're listed properly on the phone.

Again, her iPhone is an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. She's using the latest iTunes on Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6.8.