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    Can't Sync all itunes music to 4s 64gb
    I just picked up my 64gb 4s. I am trying to load all of my music library onto the iPhone and it will only select 280/2231 songs I have. I created a new playlist and dragged it into the iPhone section. Seems to have loaded those 280 fine but no sign of the others. When I try to individually place some of the missing songs it won't let me, I get the little red circle. I am able to place all my library on my iPod. Any ideas?


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    For one of the "missing" songs, right-click on it in iTunes and select "Show in Finder". What happens?

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    Hi, it appears itunes lost the path to most of my music. I was able to manually locate it and it populated my playlist again. Thanks for taking the time to help. Have a great day.

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