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Thread: Should I Buy the 4S tommorow

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    Question Should I Buy the 4S tommorow
    So my story goes like this....Ive taken a new job and am on the road a ton and unfortunately have broken the cardinal rules against text while in the car It's only going to get worse (my work load, and use of my AT&T iPhone 4) Ive been looking into the PArrot 9000 series Handsfree car kit, and was in the AT&T store today looking at bluetooth ear pieces. After seeing that a decent one is 40-50 bucks and most you cant even play music thru, and had nothing even close to anything that I need. What I need is Siri! So I pretty much told the CSR at the AT&T store that and she pulled up my account to find out what I already knew that I'm 11months shy of an upgrade and then out of nowhere she said let me check something with my manager and came back with an OK to upgrade me early for the contract price on the 4S, but had to be order before Sunday strictly thru her.

    To amek a long story short, my dreams came true and have already pretty much landed a buyer for my iPhone 4 for $200!

    I know its pretty much an even trade when it comes down to it except the fact that it would extend my contract by a year with ATT.

    With the battery issues, lack of knowledge of much about the iPhone 5....Im having battling thoughts on if I should order it tommorow or hold out

    Whatcha think?

    ALSO, if I order it tommorow, the estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks, hopefully its possible to have the phone shipped bug free!
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    I would get it for the simple reason no one knows when the 5 will be out what it will have
    and if it does a true 4G what the data plans may cost.

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    i think to be perfectly frank, buying a mobile so that you can use it whilst driving is slightly reckless...whether this is has a function like Siri or not. It will still probably distract and therefore is will undoubtedly be dangerous to drive whilst using it.

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