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    verizon iphone 4 antenna?
    I was at the Verizon store today comparing the iphone 4 to 4s. The rep said that the antenna issues with the 4 were corrected before Verizon started selling them. Has anyone heard this? Wanting to upgrade to iphone, but want to make the right call. Some of the features of the 4s would be just nice gimmicks for me to play with.


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    This is true.
    If you look at the iPhone 4 Verizon and the AT&T version you will see the antenna has been redesigned.

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    The "antenna" thing was a smokescreen fanned by people who were manipulating the stock.

    EVERY smartphone suffers from the problem, because the problem is that humans are mostly bags of saltwater that hinder reception.

    News - iPhone 4 antenna problem? No, smartphones antenna problem! - YouTube

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    Agreed with chas_m. While the whole "antennagate" thing was being played out in the press, I owned an HTC Incredible on Verizon. I could precisely duplicate the behavior of the iPhone 4 on AT&T by gripping that phone in the same manner.

    Regardless, I have a Verizon iPhone 4 now that was purchased the day it was released. It's never suffered from any sort of signal problems. In fact, of all the phones I've *ever* had on Verizon, the iPhone gets the best signal, even in my office where many cell phones struggle to get good signal.
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    Not to disagree, but two of my co workers went to the Iphone 4 from 3gs and said the signal was not near as good. These are AT&T customers though.

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    The "problem" with the iPhone 4 was a bit overblown, and really it's more accurately called a design tradeoff. It could pick up and keep a signal in weak areas where no other phone could. But the signal was attenuated rather easily if you put your hand in just the right spot, and make it drop completely in areas with, say, 2 or fewer bars. A case made this a non-issue. Yes, you can make any phone drop the signal if held just right, but it was never that easy on my 3GS, and I doubt quite that easy on most any other phone out there.

    That said, I've recently upgraded to the 4S, and there's no question that the weak spot has been eliminated. I can still quite easily make my wife's iPhone 4 drop the signal at home, but on the 4S… I have to struggle to get it to drop even a bar. The Verizon iPhone 4 already had a redesigned antenna, similar to the iPhone 4S, but from what I've read, the 4S improves on that still some more.

    Oh yes, if you are buying now, the right call is to get the iPhone 4S. Siri is not a gimmick by any means. I now dictate all my text messages to my wife, which has made my life loads easier. Actually I dictate most everything now, depending on where I am. Besides, that 8GB iPhone 4 will run out of space REAL fast.

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