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Thread: Unlocking iPhone 4 problem

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    Unlocking iPhone 4 problem
    Just bought a used iphone 4 and trying to unlock it. The previous owner used a gevey SIM to get it to work for him, but the SIM appears not to be working. Now I am just frustrated and want to start from scratch. I used green poison already to jailbreak the phone and tried to use Ultrasnow from cydia to unlock it. Ultrasnow did nothing, and I looked into it, and it turns out Ultrasnow only works with baseband 01.59.00? My phone has baseband 04.11.08 and now im stuck. I have restored it since. I am sitting at a home screen now that says no SIM and I am out of ideas. Anyone else have any? Thanks

    EDIT: This phone is running version 5.0 (9A334)

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    Blocked Iphone 4
    I have the same problem. What really bothers me is that my carrier sold it to me at full price, and now it wont unlock it. Will RedSnow eventually be able to unlock an Iphone 4 with IOS5 and baseband 4.11?

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    So far as I know, AT&T is the ONLY carrier in North America that won't unlock iPhones no matter what. If you're not with AT&T, check again (you might have been talking to a misinformed rep or franchise shill or some such).

    To the best of my current knowledge, there is NO WAY to override the carrier lock on an iOS 5 phone. Jailbreak, yes, unlock no. You'll have to wait for a safe and tested unlock to arrive (I have some confidence this will happen, but nobody can actually say when).

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    You know what is interesting is that when I insert the Gevey, although I do not get a signal, the IPhone recognizes my number under contacts, the carrier reads Carrier Lab and get a notice about an old voice message I never deleted before updating to IOS other words it knows is the old chip and even retrieves data from the pre-update carrier, am I correct?

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    ATM gevey SIM does not work will baseband 4.11.08 there will be a new gevey coming late February that will work and it will also support iPhone 4S you can follow the progress on facebook look for applenberry

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