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Thread: Re-Installing Apps From Iphone Backup

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    Re-Installing Apps From Iphone Backup
    quick question...

    how do i reinstall all the data that i saved when backing up my phone?

    for instance, ive located all the data. (Libray-App Suppport-Mobile Synch)

    i'm now wondering what the next step is to get all this info back on my phone?

    any thoughts (or possible other threads i could read?)

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    If you are just reinstalling apps all the apps you've purchased with your Apple ID should show up in purchase history in the App Store. Click on the updates tab and then purchased. As for restoring other data from a backup, iTunes should handle that for you when you restore asking if you would like to choose a backup or start as a new phone.

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    one of the apps that i previously purchased shows up under my "previous purchased" apps in itunes....

    but doesnt show up to re-install. it also doesnt show up when i search for it.

    does that mean the app is discountinued?

    would i be able re install it since i backed up the phone to my computer? if so, how would i go about doing that?

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    To restore from backup, check out this link

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