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    Unhappy iphone 4 camera
    Hi Guys
    my iphone4 camera, doesn't shoot that quality pictures. is it normal or not? because its 5 MP and it should give quiet good photos, when I compare it with my personal camera (canon) also on 5 MP, or other phones like Nokia 3.2 MP I believe . my pictures have a lot of noise in it, is this a problem from the phone, software, camera? or this is normal
    thanks your opinion worth

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    Well that pic is definitely poor but it could be a number of things for example;

    Lack of subject in the foreground can confuse auto-focus. Try tapping the screen first.
    Phone cameras aren't good in poor lighting conditions.
    Finger grease and dust on the lens
    Finger shading the lens when shooting
    Shaky hands

    Just another moot point, MP ratings for all cameras are generally misleading as the sensor usually has to be mounted in a frame which tends to obscure about 1 MP from around around the edges.

    Technology is now moving on and current science is reducing pixel number and increasing pixel size for better quality in poor light.

    You may of course just need to do a restore to factory settings or failing that you could just have a Friday afternoon phone in which case it's a warranty issue.

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