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Thread: Iphone question

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    Iphone question
    Hi All!

    I have now completed my switch as all of my electronics are Apple. iMac, iPad and now iPhone4s. Love them all!

    I do have a question regarding my iphone/music and iTunes.

    I just synced and on my phone is iTunes and I can see my account and all of my music. When I hit the music button I only see one of the 125 songs on my Itunes account. When I'm in iTunes under purchased, the tab says "Not on this phone" and it shows the 124 songs.

    So here's the thing: I have no idea how i downloaded 1 song, and I have no idea how to download the other 124. Can someone please help?



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    When you sync it gives you options on what you want artists,playlists and songs or all
    you have to look at what is checked off then re-sync.

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    I'm sorry...I guess I don't understand. When I sync from my computer, it never gives me an option of what I want to sync. It just syncs. What am I missing?

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    In iTunes on your computer, pick your iPhone from the listed devices, with the iPhone connected of course. Then pick the tab for syncing. You will see options on what to sync.

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    I'm just gonna steal this thread instead of opening a new one.

    I just bought the 4s and somehow I transferred my bookmarks from my Mac to the iPhone, where they are now displayed, but in the Safari browser on my Mac, they are not displayed any more. The only place I can find something about bookmarks, is in iTunes under my device and then select the tab "Info". I can't really figure out how this was done and how to get my bookmarks back on my Mac, but still keeping them on my iPhone.


    EDIT: Found out, had to turn off iCloud on the phone in order to get the option in iTunes to sync my bookmarks.

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