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    Question iTunes syncing played podcasts
    Hey all, quick question that I could 't find an updated answer to when searching on here and/or google. I have a 32 gig iPhone4 that I love as a replacement for my prior combination of my old Droid X and 4th gen iPod Touch. I commute 3 hours a day so listen to about 3 hour of podcasts per day. In the past I always did the podcast listening with my ipod, but now with the phone, I am able to replace both devices with one. The problem I'm having is that when I sync the phone, it doesn't always get rid of the played podcasts.

    In iTunes for all my podcasts I have it set to auto-delete podcasts, and set to sync all unplayed podcasts, but for some reason when I sync the phone, it doesn't remove the files from my phone. I know i can swipe and manually delete the files, or wait till I get home and manually delete them on the computer, and that would accomplish what I want to do, but I'd rather just have the played ones removed from the phone automatically upon syncing like always worked with my iPod, and worked in the past with other iPhones I had.

    Any ideas? I am a bit OCD about stuff like this and it has been driving me a bit batty for the last couple of days.

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    Bump? The phone continues to be inconsistently removing the podcasts while syncing after I play them all of the way through. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with iCloud or something?

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