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Thread: I really messed up my itunes/iphone, please help!?

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    I really messed up my itunes/iphone, please help!?
    Okay, so my iPhone (which I got less than 6 months ago) one day started to say "iPhone cannot be backed up to the computer" and I was worried, but I didn't think anything of it! Then, it started to say "iPhone cannot be backed up to the computer because it is not compatible." Then I was trying to sync it anyway but my iTunes froze and I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete it to close. The next time I plugged it in it says it can't read my iPhone at all! And that I have to restore it! But it hasn't been able to back up, so I would lose everything! And it still might not work! So I did some research and a site told me to download CopyTrans Manager and go and delete a song or something through that and it fixed everyone's problem. I did that, but it did nothing. I'm really worried that I messed something up big time. You guys have any suggestions? That are SURE to work?

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    have you got another computer you can plug it into and see if you get the same messages? or perhaps a friends computer. if you can and you don't get the same messages, it maybe that it is your computer not your phone that is having a little trouble.

    if you haven't and as it is less than 6 months ago i would pop it back to the apple store, or shop that you bought it from and ask them to test it for you.

    failing that, you could ring apple and talk to them over the phone. they may be able to help remotely.

    sorry i cannot hep anymore than that. just wait a little while longer until the technical members get to your thread.


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