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    iPhone mix up...
    My girlfriend and I bought 2 iphone 4,s at a phone store at the same time and somehow weve got them mixed up I ordered a 32gb and hers was a 16gb I am registered with the 32gb but I am currently using the 16gb it was only when I checked in about that I realised something was up. We are both new to the iphone and our last phones were rather archaic. We have both loaded our own contacts into the phone were using and a load of apps video and pictures etc I am not sure who´s to blame as the store clipped our sim cards and installed them. Is there a simple solution to this or do we have to undo all thats been done..



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    you should be able to just swap sims. If your not comfortable take the phones to verizon and they will do it for you..

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    Thanks... Is it really that simple..

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