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    tower defense games recommendations
    Does anybody have any tower defense games that they can recommendation? I searched through the app store and they're so many that's it's really hard to truly gauge what's good and what's not. Also, I couldn't figure out how to specifically filter for only tower defense games so instead of going through a couple thousand game sand reviews, can anybody give me some quick recommendations?

    I did see:
    Plants vs Zombies
    Tower Defense: Lost Earth
    BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak
    Jelly Defense

    Do you recommend any of these or can you provide your own recommendations?

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    You don't state what platform you're after, so I'm presuming you mean iPhone/iPad...

    Zombie Smash is excellent.

    You don't just shoot the zombies, but you 'flick' them with your finger. There's a lite version too, if you're unsure.

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    Oops. Yes, it would be for iPad and iPhone.

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    TD Games
    Great Little War Game is amazing and they have put out updates, so there are a ton of levels.
    Swarm Geodefense
    Tap Tanks
    Sweetwater defense
    Inkoming is a simple but fantastic games because of the towers
    The creeps is pretty good as well

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    I ended up getting Sentinel 3 and it's an awesome game. I looked at all of the recommedations and they all looked good but Sentinel 3 looked different and the graphics looked awesome. Plus it was also usable between the iPad and iPhone 4s and it was priced right. So far, I'm having a lot of fun with it and even on the normal setting, it's def a challenging game.

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    CREEPS, is fun. gets a repetitive after a while

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    Tap Defence is an old favourite of mine. You have to defend the gates of Heaven from ****'s marauding hordes. It's pretty basic, but the graphics are fun, the premise is cool, and you can't beat free!

    As an aside, I've been looking for a cool new TD game, and this thread had given me some good ideas.
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    Tower Defense:Lost Earth is also a decent TD game, I've played a couple and enjoyed this the most.

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