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    Importing Old Ringtones
    I just discovered that I probably should have started this here....

    Well... Last Friday I dumped my original Droid for an iPhone 4s. I've pretty much figured out most of the things I want to do with the new phone. I do admit things seem a bit more boxed in as it were. One thing I would like to do is be able to import the ringtones from my Drone into the new phone. I do have them copied on my 'puter's hard drive.
    Does anyone out there have a way to get then into my iTunes account and thus onto my iPhone? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks....

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    There are number of free apps and other ways to do so. Do a google search and you'll fins a TON of stuff.

    Ringtones for the iPhone have to be .m4r files and can not exceed 40 seconds in length.

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