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    Aidios Droid... Hello 4s...
    Almost 2 years ago I moved from Blackberry to the original Droid. I was pretty happy with it until this past early Spring when the third or fourth operating system upgrade by-passed the usefulness of the phone. Like many, I held on tightly waiting for the iPhone 5.... Oh Well!!! I did take a look at the Bionic before deciding to go with Apple.

    Last Friday my new 4s was mailed to me and for the most part I'm pretty happy with the new phone. Love the camera which is leaps and bounds better than Android. Droid email capabilities beat Apple hands down, but I can do what I need to so no big deal. Two things threw my decision over the top. Thing 1 is I went through 3 batteries in 20 months with the current one starting to die (and 4g probably would make things any better). Thing 2 is the tendency of Droids to be quirky on their functional capabilities. Even the sales person at Verizon told me their currently working on one with the keyboard on the Bionic.... Not Good...

    So here I am!!! I hope to have a long positive experience with this new phone and by the way, Siri also rocks!!!

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    I'm curious to hear what about the Droids e-mail capabilities makes it better than Apples offering. Maybe I'm missing something with e-mail, but, it's just e-mail....

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    I'm a volunteer coordinator with a group affiliated with the local fire department. I was able to easily set up emails for set groups to be sent out BCC (hiding email addresses) along with bulk texting to the same group with a full signature block including the required disclaimer. If I needed drivers or other people of set skills I could very easily contact them. Since I hadn't used that capibility over the past two years, the current iPhone does all of what I want.

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    Hmm. If you do need the group texts there is an App called Group Me, which I have used for quite some time now.

    And I was LMAO when I saw that the new DROID RAZR didn't have a user replaceable battery and was rocking the 4G radios, because a friend with the original DROID was having the exact same battery issues that you were.

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