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    Question re: iOS5 on iPhone 4
    Will putting iOS5 on my iPhone 4 slow it down at all? I'm weary to install it because back when I installed iOS4 on my 3G, it slowed it down tremendously, almost to the point where it was too slow to use. I know the iPhone 4 has much faster hardware in it than the 3G, but will the same thing happen or is the 4 able to handle it so that it won't make the device slower?


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    I have not noticed any slowdowns.
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    According to this iOS 5 review on, it runs "as snappy as ever" on iPad 2 and iPhone 4. I've been running iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 since Friday night and I've noticed some apps open faster and it does seem slightly more responsive. Definitely not slower by any means.
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    I've not noticed any obvious battery drain differences (apart from geo-fenced reminders - but that's to be expected).

    Speed-wise it seems snappier than.

    I've had a few app issues where they haven't been updated/tested with iOS5. E.g. spotify - higher CPU use, ok on it's own but can 'stutter' it it's backgrounded.

    But all those little bits will work themselves out. Pros still outweigh the cons IMHO

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    I think it is just as fast as the previous one. In some instance it appears faster, opening web pages for example.

    All in all - a tremendous upgrade.


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    I haven't noticed any changes on mine, either. I have a 4.

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