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    Creating calendar event doesn't send out invite email to invitee
    I'm setting up my iphone 4S and for the life of me, I can'g figure out why when I create an event on my calendar and I select a person to add as an invitee, it doesn't seem to be sending out an invite email to that person. I type in the email address and then click done and when I get back to the event screen, it shows a 1 where I typed in the invitee name and then I click done to save the event. Can someone help me as I'm obviously doing something wrong.

    When I connected my iphone to my mac, I tired creating another event but this time on my iMac and when I tried to create an event and invite an invitee, it said I wasn't able to because I need to create an address card. I did that and then select the option to Make this my card (or something to that effect.) I went back and tried to create the event, include an invitee, and when I went to save it, it didn't give me an error message but it doesn't seem that my invitee got an email.

    Please help.

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    Jan 02, 2009
    So after busting my head over this the entire weekend, I finally figured it out. So in order to be able to add an invitee, I have to use my Home calendar first off because it appears that if I select Yahoo as my default calendar, it doesn't even allow me to add invitees to the calendar event. So the missing link was, I need to create and select my actual own contact information under the Contact setting. There's a field that says, My Info and you have to click it and attach a contact that represents you.

    So after doing this, it appears that all is good to go.

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