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Thread: Screen protector or no???

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    Nov 13, 2010
    Screen protector or no???
    So i just upgraded to the 4s from the 4 and am thinking of no screen protector. On my 4 I used The Zagg product and have been happy protection wise but not so much in the visual department. After not having a screen protector on the 4s since I got it I have to say the screen looks so much sharper that I don't want to put anything on it. I was just wondering how many people don't use a protector on the screen and how there phones are holding up?

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    I usually always put a screen protector. But, I always have a problem with bubbles. I follow the directions and take my time- but still have an issue. I don't want scratches though, so I put up with the bubbles...

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    There are screen protectors that don't diminish the sharpness of the retina display.

    I'm using one made by Powersupport. So far it's pretty good. Anti glare, anti scratch, and anti smudge.

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    On my iPhone 4, I had the Sagg antiglare shield, which does give the screen a pixellated look. I found one from them last night that wasn't an antiglare screen for my new 4S, and there is no drop in visual quality at all. In fact, I can't even tell by looking at the phone that there's a shield over the glass.
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