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    Question Wifi sync icon always on
    Ok so I updated my iPhone 4 to iTunes to 10.5 no problem, and updated to iOS 5 no problem.* Set up wifi sync and now the wifi sync icon (2 spinning arrows next to the wifi signal strength icon) is ALWAYS on, even when iTunes isnt open and I am no longer in range of my wifi signal! I leave the phone plugged in to a power source every night, surely it would have finished syncing by now (it's been since Wednesday) also when I connect the phone to iTunes the capacity bar is all yellow, before it used to show different colors for pics and apps and other. On top of all that, I can no longer manually sync my phone the only options given are revert and apply but apply is unselectable. Trying to force the phone to do a manual backup results in the backup bar on top flashing like its syncing and then it immediately disappears. Anyone know how to fix any of these issues? The phone is functioning fine except when going to settings->general->iTunes wifi sync the "sync now" button is never active (selectable) thanks for your time and answers!! I know it's a long post but these things have been bugging me!!!!

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    Turn the phone off and back on. There seems to be something in iTunes 10.5 that isn't completing, so the iOS device thinks it's still syncing. If you turn the device off and then back on, it will revert to normal.
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    Well I'll be a monkeys uncle...the easiest answer somehow eluded me after an extensive scrubbing through iTunes preferences and iPhone settings....thanks a ton!!!

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