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    Question iPhone 4S Space Bar!!!!
    So I was watching a few videos online to get my psyched about my new iPhone 4s (which is on it's way to me right now! ) However, on a few videos when they were showing how you can dictate a text to someone that you just click the little microphone next to the space bar. My question is:

    "By looking at most of the videos it really shows the space bar to be absolutely tiny! That is going to be so hard to use! I was wondering whether anyone with the iPhone 4S can tell me whether you can make the space bar bigger? Or whether this isn't a problem etc. Are there any settings you can change?"

    Thank you Guys

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    Tiny like the font of your message?

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    Doesn't seem small or hard to hit for me at all

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    The Space bar is the same height as on the 4S, it's just shorter because of the new button.
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