Been getting the run around from VZW support since last Thursday about why the apple site kept on saying I was not eligible for an iphone upgrade. I knew I wanted to order through apple because of the poor CS I always get inside the Verizon stores. Each time I talk to them its something different... change your password, wait 24-48 hours for password to update in their system, their website is broken. A week later, I finally get an answer from apple that they cant sell to biz plans and have no choice but to go through verizon.

So now here I am; 2 weeks back on the preorder list and probably 6+ hours wasted talking to CS during 4 phone calls and 2 store visits.

When I found out I called the vzw buisness sales line directly and ask to be escalated. Wait 10-15 minutes on hold and run down my situation. While she says she has no idea what Im talking about cant confirm either way with any certainty. 2 hours later she calls me back and says they had to go to apple but confirmed that I could not purchase from them and that NO ONE in the call center knew this.

Blew my mind... am i really the only one who prefers preordering through apple?? I would go to the store and deal with that madness rather than preordering through those idiots