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    iphone 4s pre order
    So I decided to stay up late thursday to preorder an iPhone 4s--my first iPhone. I'm really excited, but anyway, while waiting, I wrote an applescript to refresh the store page every 30 seconds and played minecraft in another window until I noticed the store had changed from "we'll be back soon" to the preorder site.

    It took me many many tries, and the site was very slow. I would get to various stages of the process before the site would kick me off. The first time, I got to the new or existing number screen, I think. Sometimes I got a 404, but I kept plugging away until I managed to wend my way to the checkout screen, and then I was home free. Toward the end I was face timing my friend who was also preordering one through at&t.

    Some of you who preordered it and live on the west coast probably have yours already. lucky...

    Anyone else have interesting stories about iPhone preorders?

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    My story is like yours except after an hour of unsuccessfully being able to order, I went to bed, got up at 6:00am (eastern time) and ordered 2 with no problems. One has already shipped via UPS, the other hasn't shipped yet.
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