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    Streaming/iCloud/Spotify/Music on iPhone 4
    I have a generic question about music for the iPhone 4. I am going to finally get one soon. I'd like to only spend $100 and get the 8gb model (I'm with Verizon) and spend the $30 on the 2gb monthly data plan... so... the 8gb will not hold much of my music collection, but what about this icloud thing i've heard about? Will I be able to sync my itunes collection from my mac with my iphone from the icloud? and then what about streaming that music when i'm out and about? would that rack up data usage? same thing with spotify, if i cant use itunes/icloud and i want to use spotify to listen to all my music wherever i am, will it use up all my data?

    Yeah i guess its obvious i'm pretty new to all this stuff.

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    I can't speak much on iCloud, since we don't really know if the service ( including iTunes match) will actually do streaming or will be strictly download. Either way it will eat up some data. Rhapsody, Spotify, pandora etc all use data. it all depends on how much you are going to use them. Im on ATT and on average I usually end up close to 2 GB at the end of the month, occasionally I do go over

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    I could go into detail about iCloud, but it's all pretty much up on Apple's site, go have a look.

    Here's an alternative suggestion: simply sync up 6GB or so of music (this should be something like 600+ songs, which I think works out to roughly 50 hours). Enjoy that music. When the music starts to repeat, sync the iPhone again and let it autofill you another 6GB. Repeat as needed.

    I've never understood why people feel like they HAVE to put the ENTIRE music collection on the phone. It's never really going to be practical, and refilling takes maybe five minutes or so.

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