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Thread: Buying an extra iPhone to resell?

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    Buying an extra iPhone to resell?
    I recall last time that some people bought extra phones on release day to sell once Apple sold out. Does that work with the contract phones, or was it just iPads and the like? How does one go about it? Does it make me an awful person?

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    To the best of my knowledge, you can only buy an iPhone to resell if you pay full price (no contract/carrier) for it. I could be wrong about this, but that's what I recall the situation being in the US. All iPads direct from Apple are sold unlocked, so that's not an issue with them.

    Are you an awful person for reselling an iPhone? No, I can't see that you would be ... but I'm not sure why someone would pay you full price (plus something) rather than just buy their own directly from Apple ...

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    The unlocked version of the iPhone 4s isn't available until November I believe.

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    You can buy a Iphone 4s under contract and resell it. Check out eBay there all over with people claiming just that. I do think however you have to keep the data plan for the duration of the contract. When i got my first 3g my father paid the upgrade on my account so he could get the 3gs and i just took his old 3g.

    I also dont think people are going to be shelling out as much money for a iphone 4s as with previous versions because like Crimson stated iphone 4s will be available at a resonable price unlocked in november. pretty sure you cant buy unlocked cdma though just GSM.
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