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    Extracting Voice Memos on to iTunes
    I have voice memo recordings over 20 minutes long on my iPhone. On iTunes under "music" I have it set to sync voice memos, however, when I click "sync" it tells me that it will erase all my iPhone files and replace them with the files on my iTunes library. I am wondering how I can extract these files off my phone without deleting all my current files.

    Thank you.

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    Sounds like you are changing the computer that the iPhone was originally associated with. You could sync the memos back to the computer you originally associated the iPhone with and then move those files from iTunes to another computer by simply copying them on a thumb drive or some other such method.

    If the first computer is no longer available, then you'll need to buy a third-party program that says it will copy back memos (etc) as well as the usual stuff like music et al. I recommend the $25 Phone to Mac (used to be known as Pod to Mac, I knew Apple Legal would catch with them over that some day!). Call or email their support department to confirm that it will copy "back" the memos from your iPhone to your Mac without issue, since they don't *explicitly* mention memos on their page, but I'm sure it will -- it copies EVERYTHING!

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    Thank you, although I was hoping that I could avoid paying money.

    I am perplexed because I am 100% sure this is the computer I installed my iPhone on. Also, for other files, like photos for instance, I don't have to "sync" them, where as other files such as books or movies are not synced.

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