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    US iPhone 4 in Europe
    So I broke my old iPhone and i'm looking for a new one, and I noticed that buying one from the US is waaay cheaper than buying one here.
    The one i had in mind is on if this forum allows links like that.

    Now I have a few questions for you guys;
    1. Do you think this site can be trusted?
    2. Is this a normal price for an unlocked iphone 4 nowadays?
    3. Can this iPhone using the EVDO network use 3g in Europe?
    - If not, is there a site that sells unlocked iphones which use HSPA?
    4. Are there any other problems i might run into if I decide to get an iphone 4 from the US?

    Would really appreciate any help, been searching around for a while now but either I don't want to believe it being impossible or the information just contradicts itself so much it makes me believe it's not impossible ;p


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    1. Not a valid link, check with BBB when you get the right website name
    2. What is the price quoted? Check eBay to see what the prevailing price is.
    4. Charger plug incompatibility, but you can use the one you already have from your old iPhone
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    Heh, admin removed my post in which i gave ya the correct link, saying that he has reasons to believe it's not a legitimate site and does not want me advertising it here, hereby basicly answering my question no.1 ;p

    Anyway price of the iphone on that site was about 320$.

    Charger plug incompatibility is not a problem, i'm more concerned about the 3g network compatibility and such.

    Oh and admin, you might want to delete my bad link in post 1 too since it's nearly correct and might result in people googlin it and finding the correct one. ;p (apparantly i can't edit my own post, so..)

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