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    "No Service", "Searching" errors on iPhone only when connecting to AirPort Extreme
    The title pretty much sums it up.

    I seem to be having a problem and I can't tell exactly what is happening.

    I have a Verizon iPhone 4. For the most part I always have 5 bars and it showing Verizon 3G connection. Strong connection and doesn't go up and down. Other cell phones in my house are fine too.

    When in my house, I usually have my iPhone connected to wifi through an AirPort Extreme router.

    I noticed a problem about a month ago where all of a sudden, my phone would go from having full bars to then showing "Searching" would stay in this mode for quite a while draining the battery. Then would go to "No Service" for quite a while too. I normally have to power off the phone and turn back on and it will go back to 5 bars for a while, then eventually will go back to the "searching" and "no service" messages.

    I go through a full "reset network settings" and it seems that as long as I don't connect it to my wifi, it seems to be ok.

    Do you all know of a reason why my wifi connection, would seem to interfere with Verizon's Network and cause disconnects?

    By the way, I just recently got a "new" iphone from Verizon and it's doing the same thing on it so unless I got two faulty iphones I don't think it's a hardware thing.

    Thanks all!

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    "No Service" has nothing to do with your wi-fi connection and is not interfering with Verizon's network.

    Unless you are always holding it in the "grip of death" that kills signal strength in all smartphones, I'm going to go with it being a hardware issue with the phone. There's a small chance that Verizon changed something in their setup near your house about a month ago that's causing this, but I doubt it.

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