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    Just ordered a Nuu MiniKey Keyboard Case...
    ...for my iPhone 4. I love my iPhone 4 but after having it for a year, I am still missing having a physical keyboard. So after searching the internet for keyboard cases, I finally decided on the Nuu brand one due to it's better features than other companies. Just ordered one last night and should have sometime by September 28th.

    NUU MiniKey Keyboard for iPhone 4 | NUU

    -backlit keyboard with on/off switch to conserve battery
    -space bar in usual spot unlike most other keyboard cases that have on side
    -easily pairs up via bluetooth

    and lastly,
    -slides in and out of the case easily -- so I can switch back to my keyboard-less case when I was to go without the extra bulk.

    Opinions, thoughts.....?

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    Looks very cool..I've managed to get pretty good with the on-screen keyboard when I do need to type..

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    That's pretty cool!

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