I just uploaded pictures from my iPhone 4's camera roll to iPhoto. At the end of the process, like normal, it asked if I wanted to delete the images on the phone. I said yes. iPhoto then promptly crashed, and upon reopening had not saved any of the photos.

The photos are not on my phone. The photos are not on my computer. I looked around and found a few recovery programs for the iPhone that didn't work. There were some that cost ~$50 that I did not try. Can you recover files on the iPhone, or since it's not a hard drive is that even possible? Could the files be lurking on my computer somewhere?

My computer automatically synced the iPhone before this happened, and then after as well (seems to do it every time I click on iTunes). I didn't think to stop it in time afterward. I read somewhere that you might be able to restore to a backup. I tried that, to no avail.

Help me!!

Please and thanks.