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    I have US account for iTunes where I do all of my purchases. Once my account had some problems , at the same time I needed Omnofocus for iPhone badly- so I purchased from Estonian appstore. Now I have situation where all other apps are from US account and only Omnifocus from Esronian. In that situation I cannot update my iPhone any more as I would lose Omnifocus. Is there possibility to change authorization of Omnifocus to be part of US account?

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    No, not without purchasing it again.

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    You can continue to update your iPhone, I don't know why you think you can't. The Estonian-bought app will not be UPDATED until you log into the Estonian store again, but otherwise it will work fine.

    I have two iTunes accounts (Canada/US) and a mix of app from each. All works fine, syncs fine, backs up fine, etc.

    In your case, since you have only the ONE app you bought elsewhere, I would suggest you save yourself a lot of hassle down the road and just re-buy it from the US store, replacing the Estonian one. Checking in and out of two stores to update stuff is a hassle, quite frankly, and were I not in my particular position with one foot in both countries I wouldn't do it.

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