Hi All, I don't normally hang around the ios end of this site so bear with me...

I was given an iPhone which was broken, the touch screen was not working and the speaker was not working. I then proceeded to attempt to fix, i ordered a new front, back and button as it was looking shabby.

I changed the front, button and back, replaced the dock connector as the ribbon was damaged and replaced the speaker.

Once it was all put back together the phone works fine apart from: the speaker doesn't work. This is not the 'stuck in headphone issue' i have seen people have, the headphones work, the mic works, its just the speaker that doesn't work (which is the same part as the mic). Before i spend another few quid on another speaker i thought id ask if anyone thinks I'm missing something.

or should i just cut my losses and sell it for parts on ebay

Thanks for your help!